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Criticism: "Trees Lovers n. 01" 2009

Screen print

The trees look like us. Or rather is it not us humans to reflect into the souls of those marvelous beings?

We are united by the same necessity of a base, tenaciously bound to a root wedged in darkness in order to give an identity to the beginning, to memory, to belonging.

The same spiritual desire solemnly raises us and them up in a timeless nostalgia for the infinite, in a continous tension between self and universe, present and forever.

The painter-poet surprises here the loving understanding of two trees and, with the grace of those who are able to protect the charms of nature, isolates a window that frames in blue that moment of unspeakable tenderness.

Two monolithic ramblers meet on the same wave length and begin to talk in an arcane symbolic language.

A new resonance and understanding melt the word in an exemplary gesture.

In Gaetano Fiore's works one can well perceive that a portion of color in a painting shows a surprising affinity with fragments of poetry. In both cases the incompleteness of the creative action suggests unexpected passages that, to the contrary, a final panorama would inexorably preclude. The threshold invites to enter, the veil frays into a net. The artist feels called upon to take an uncertain path which requires an adventurous attitude, almost risky, as if the color would implode, yet still with structural rigor, generating lacerations in itself that only occasionally are sutured in recognizable paradigms of strong evocative value. Increasingly daring chromatics, continuously pulsating, proliferate in those cracks to resurface then sublimated by their own depth in the light that attracts them like a magnet.

In this process the painting of sound begins to flow in the shapes and, like sap, spreads the multiple phenomena in a dialectic rhythm of voice and silence.

The painting becomes an aesthetic tool able to materialize a sound, while music abstracts the evoked image and promotes the Erlebnis (lived experience) of painting.

Andrea Petrai — Genoa, October 12, 2011

60 x 60 cm screen printing on Amalfi paper in an edition limited to 50 copies. Based on the artist's painting Trees Lovers, (2009). Printed by Essedi Genova 2011.

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